Retirement Community and Health Center

Located in Onancock, on the Eastern Shore of Virginia

At the Hermitage on the Eastern Shore, our mission is to foster an environment that supports seniors in living a fulfilling lifestyle. You can enjoy as much independence as you want, and receive as much help as you need, from the Hermitage on the Eastern Shore. Our goal is to have happy residents. We encourage you to visit us and ask our residents their opinions of life at the Hermitage. After you visit, you will be ready to call the Hermitage home.

Ideal Location for Retirement Living


Virginia Beach is just a stone’s throw away from the historic village of Onancock, where you'll find the Hermitage on the Eastern Shore, a retirement community where green fields meet cool waters and the setting sun lights the twilight sky. The natural environment here is as healthy as it is beautiful; a truly relaxing place that soothes body and mind alike. Come and see what life is like near the Chesapeake Bay, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Hermitage is about affordable choices. Right now, you can call the Hermitage home with no money down and the ability to enter at any level of care. From cozy studios to spacious one-bedroom apartments, we tailor services to meet your needs. Each area of our community provides peace of mind by handling everything from daily chores to a healthcare crisis.


Top Quality Memory Assistance

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We believe our residents with memory impairments benefit from the social interactions and activities enjoyed by all residents of Hummingbird Cove, the Hermitage’s Health Center. Our WanderGuard Wander Alert System allows for an integrated community population while maintaining the safety of those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. The low staff-to-resident ratio, coupled with WanderGuard, ensures our residents well-being, but maintains their freedom to enjoy the amenities of the community.

Studies show that social interactions are extremely important for memory-retention and other mental faculties. At the Hermitage, we have found that seniors with memory impairments tend to be more robust and lively when they are actively engaged in activities and social opportunities. The WanderGuard System allows this to happen throughout our community without the danger of someone becoming lost due to confusion and forgetfulness. Hummingbird Cove Health Center staff is well-trained in keeping residents active and engaged while still making safety a priority.

Superior Retirement Community


The Hermitage on the Eastern Shore extends a warm welcome to seniors from all areas of the country. Whether you or your loved one seek an independent lifestyle or require a higher level of care, the Hermitage provides a vibrant community where our residents enjoy their golden years surrounded by a wide array of amenities and services.

The Hermitage is the "over 62" community of choice for many diverse seniors. Our apartments and services can accommodate individual needs while giving you the freedom to customize your level of independence. Hermitage Independent residents can choose to take care of most of their daily activities while enjoying the many amenities that are available at their doorstep. However, if needs increase, you have the peace of mind knowing that additional services can be added to deliver superior medical services at each of your levels of care.